Our Promise: Arjo employee charity drive in Orlando



Homelessness takes on many forms and affects many people around the world. People may find themselves homeless for a number of reasons: they may have lost their job, are dealing with health complications, struggling with addiction, or fleeing from domestic violence.

This year, to kickoff 2018, nearly 500 Arjo employees from US, Canada and global functions gathered in Orlando, Florida, for a 3-day National Sales & Service meeting. In conjunction with the meeting, we also partnered with an organization, Team Bonding, to involve our colleagues in a charity event to create homeless kits for a local shelter in the Orlando, Florida area.

Over 440 employees made up of 45 teams participated in creating essential care packages, custom teddy bears and blankets to provide to the homeless shelter to give women and children assistance in difficult times.

At Arjo, our promise to the community is that we will always keep people in mind regardless of us serving in the healthcare setting with the community. It is our joint responsibility to take care of those in need.

We’d like to thank everyone both for participating in the charity event and for helping us fulfill our promise to the community.

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