Canadian TV report on the Wellness Nordic Relax® Chair

As one of the first nursing home in Canada, Jardin Lebourgnef in Québec City introduced the Wellness Nordic Relax Chair as a way to help enhance the wellbeing of the residents. The management of the home reports1 positive effects for staff and elderly patients in their care, following use of the relax chair.



Jocelyn Cloutier, the general director of the Jardin Lebourgnef Home, explains that the Nordic Wellness Relax Chair not only improves the relaxation of residents suffering from anxiety, but also that the chair has a positive effect on the mood and behavior for other people in the same environment.

Speaking to TVA television journalists,1 Cloutier remarks that “by having a better climate in these special care units, for people suffering from anxiety, restlessness or even aggression, we have succeeeded in dimnishing the rate of aggression”. Director of Care at the nursing home, Pascale Lachance, mentions the good impact that the Nordic Wellness Relax Chair has in the care setting: “The last month has been very positive. For the people on which it has been testing, the effects last throughout the day.”

She also feels that the chair is another procedure they can use with elderly people, that is “one-to-one, calm and relaxing”. Jocelyn Cloutier mentions that there are several studies citing such relaxation methods as beneficial to the people they care for. He notes that “everything is more relaxed, as much for the person concerned, as for others in the same environment.”

TVA Québec reports that the use of the Nordic Wellness Relax Chair has piqued the interest of other nursing homes, who may follow Jardin Lebourgnef’s lead in using it in their care settings.

Wellness Nordic Relax Chair Customer testimonial

Disclaimer:The opinions given by interviewer and participates in this video broadcast are not necessarily those of Arjo AB or Wellness Nordic. The amount of relaxation generated when using the Relax Chair will vary between chair users. Any modification in prescribed medication is to be determined by a clinician and should never be determined solely on the basis of length of usage of the Relax Chair.


Video published from TVA Quebec by Jardin le Bourgneuf